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PIRONYX  is a company centralized in the heart of European Union (Vienna). It is an international company focused on exporting natural stones from Persia, all across the world.

Located in the Middle East, the Persian empire is one of the largest, strongest, and oldest empires in the world, with thousands of years of history preceding it. In its lively past, the Persian empire was invaded countless times by other nations and empires; yet, even after these multiple ravaging enterprises against the empire, many stone columns and historical stone buildings remained standing, evoking a sense of hope in the hearts and minds of the Persian people, and rekindling a desire for reestablishment.

Indeed, the history of Iran can be found carved in the remnants of ancient palaces and stone buildings, which after thousands of years, still show the glory and majesty of this country and the art and knowledge of its people.

Many of these stones have even been the site of many great men of history and, were used as a means of conveying their message to future generations. 

What we do here at PIRONYX, then, is not simply business; rather, we seek to have customers of all cultures share in the experience of meeting Persia’s past. When you look at these historical stones, we hope you will catch a glimpse of the lives of our ancestors, and get the same feeling as they did when they looked at these stones.


Company                                                PIRONYX e.U.

registration number                             482642

Legal form                                             Personal business

Address                                                 Donaufelder Strasse 54

                                                                1210 VIENNA, AUSTRIA

Bussiness Line                                     Import and Export