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Dehbid Marble

Dehbid marble quarries are located in the Fars province in Iran. These quarries have 4 different sorts (light cream, cream, wavy cream, and beige) which all of these colors also have different patterns. Dehbid Marble is one of the best Iranian marble which should be processed by the high-quality stone machines.

Dehbid marble has a very bright and shiny background with a snowy veins distributed on it which gives it the best look for being used as a floor stone.

Dehbid Marble has the following properties

1. High abrasion resistance

2. Very low water absorption
3. High polishability
4. Unique Color and incomparable Transparency

Dehbid marble is normally being used in office environments, the lobby of hotels and buildings, and residential and commercial sectors. The stone is often processed into slabs or large sizes.